Lost Mosquitos

The Mosquito Association is searching for veterans who served in a Mosquito organization (See Korean War Organizations) from July 1950 until June 1956, when the unit was disbanded. We have data on 6,000 men who served with us, but have accounted for only 3,000. If you served with us in Korea and are just finding out about our Association, please contact:
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Sonny Crane Returns Home

On September 13, 1951 l/Lt. Alvin "Sonny" Crane, 6148 Tactical Control Squadron and Observer SFC Gordon J. Zorn, U.S .Army, crashed T-6 number 44-82533 Type AT-6F while on a routine mission in Korea. No chutes were observed and a ground tactical control party conducted a search and rescue effort with negative results. Sgt. Zorn's remains were recovered in October 1952.

In 1990 the North Koreans returned remains of a U.S. flyer to the U.S. Army who eventually notified the Crane family that this could possibly be Sonny Crane. DNA samples were taken from Crane siblings and positive identification was made. In May 2006 the Crane family flew to Hawaii to escort Sonny Crane home. They were met in Honolulu by Mosquito Bob Welter and other Mosquitos residing in the Islands.

On May 13, 2006 Sonny Crane was buried beside his mother in the Santa Rosa California Memorial Park. The U.S. Air Force provided a full military funeral with a flyover.

The Crane family writes "We are so happy to have the opportunity to celebrate Sonny's life and honor Korean and all Veterans of the ultimate sacrifice. In addition this family has the opportunity to let the world know the importance of family's of Veterans to contact the military submitting their DNA and bring ALL the 'Sonny's' home."