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Don Hilliard 1wink_usatcomputerconnectdotnet 19th Apr 2008
6147th K-47 ChunChon Korea
I served with the Air Police as a War Dog handler from April 1953 to Feb. 1954. We patroled the base perimeter every night, all weather. A job nobody else wanted. Eight of us, all volunteers. The area Provost
Marshal was our commanding officer, Lt Brewer. When he left, Lt
Mills got the job. Three of us dog men have stayed in touch through
the years, Hap Pleas and Roy Hurst
and myself. Hap passed away a couple months ago, so Roy and I
remain. We don;t know if any of the
others are still with us. I have a few
old and faded pictures of those days at K-47. DWH
Hilliard is listed in our "Roll Call" as never being located. Mills died in 2006 Brewer has not been a member since 1998, last address in OK. We never had a copy of orders with Pleas or Hurst.

Brad, Moderator

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Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, R 27th Mar 2008
GREAT WEB SITE! We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden government benefits you are eligible for and how to significantly increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension.

While we normally do not post links, this appears to be of possible value.
Please note that it does not seem to open properly in Firefox.
Brad, Moderator

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david corcoran mercyrnnjataoldotcom 24th Mar 2008
Mosquito Supply
Can you buy supplies without being a member?
Absolutely! Depending on what you want, you should contact us before sending money to see if it is in stock.

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Bob Jasperson 21st Feb 2008
Minneapolis/St. Paul area FACs
I am the director for an annual air show held in the Twin Cities. We always have many aviation VIPs at our show, including veterans from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Some of these VIPs are famous, most are not. We are looking for FACs to take part in our 2008 show. Please contact me by email if you would like to appear or if you can put me in contact with any Twin Cities area FACs. Thank you.

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Dudley Spears 19th Feb 2008
Looking for a Mannix at K47 - '52-'53
Also an old friend I knew only as "Barret" who was really good with model airplanes. Mannix and I were in the same tent
We show Paul Mannix deceased 1985 in Stroudsburg PA

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Garry Cooper 19th Feb 2008
Jack G. Farr
I was a FAC in Vietnam in 1968. Did any one know Jack G. Farr in Korea. He was subsequently killed flying F105s in 1965 over North Vietnam.

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John T.G.Aakesson pyrodingoatcode-donkeydotorg 18th Feb 2008
General Paul Fojtik
Is General Fojtik still alive. i am fred and Elizeabth Aakesson's son. My dad died in Bangkok in 93 and my mother still lives. I have been looking for Paul since the earley 80's as my family lost contact after a family death. I fear i am to late for this meeting also. John
Sorry to say, he died 13 Feb 2002 in Las Vegas, NV

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Stephen R Webb 25th Dec 2007
Richard F. Webb Cpl AF12285096
While talking with a coworker about war experiences, I decided to play a hunch and do a google search for my father, Richard F. Webb, who served in Korea and was shot point blank in the head and survived it.

The only hit I got was for a message board concerning a group called “the Skeeters:

The following follow up from Dick Souza, clarifies the issue:
The name of the individual that you are trying to
come up with is Richard F Webb Cpl AF12285096 He was PFC when you and Watts
shipped to 3d Comm Sq out of the 35th Fighter Intcp Wing 13 Aug 1950 Now
Webb was RO and his Mechanic was a young trooper by the name of Rollo D Hibbs
who got killed Nov 1950 and believe Webb was left for dead by the Chinks due to
that steel plate . Webb obtained plate from bike accident. Rollo was just out
of Scott AFB and got him self sent over and teamed with now Gen Robert Mathias
(Ret) who got wounded and Webb also getting wounded. The other FAC whose name
escapes me right now (believe in AR) got wounded and became POW. Hibbs is
buried in Corydon. IN and comes from a long line of military family. I
communicate with his brother off and on. As for Richard Webb. He retired from the US
Air Force believe it or not with plate and all to the rank of MSgt. What I can
surmise is that he lived up to 17 July 1987 and passed on somewhere in FL.
His homeof record was NY I have been trying to contact his kin to findout if he
ever received his awarded Silver Star as all the others mentioned in this
correspondence did.

For the most part, Mr. Souza has it right. However, there are a couple discrepancies I can clear up. Dad did indeed pass away on 7/17/87, but in Geneva, NY, where he and my mother had been living since his retirement from the AF in 1975.

After Korea, Dad was grounded and retrained in Personal Affairs, where he made a career of making sure that the families of deceased servicemen received all the benefits to which they were entitled. At the time of his retirement he was NCOIC of Personal Affairs at Holloman AFB, NM, home of the 49th TFW. After leaving active duty he went to work for the VAMC in Canandaigua, NY, working in the Veteran’s Services office doing similar work, this time for the vets themselves.

I myself have seen his Silver Star (although I didn’t even know of its existence until many years after his death; he never spoke of his own wartime experiences).

If you are in contact with Dick Souza, please pass this information on to him, as it sounds like he’d want to know.

Stephen R Webb

Correction Officer

Seneca County Sheriff’s Office

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Leslie Tracy 10th Dec 2007
information on George H. Brotzman
I would like to talk with anyone who remembers my dad George H. Brotzman who served with the 6132 Tac Con Group in 1950. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Jack Wilmeth jwilmethatinreachdotcom 5th Nov 2007
Mosquito MIA
For years my family has searched for information about my uncle, Harold \"Viz\" Vizina, MIA since 14NOV51. Just today I have found that the aircraft in which he was an observer was not an L-19, but an LT-6. Today I also found on the Korean War Project - - that DOD has a DNA alert for his pilot, Samuel C. Baxter III, seeking to confirm remains.
I would greatly appreciate any information or anecdotes from anybody who knew either man. Viz came up the hard way from the horse cavalry (115th) in Wyoming prior to WWII, through CBI and Japanese Occupation.
Thanks to the Mosquitoes and all FACS, past and future.
He was shown as 6148th Sq TDY from 2nd Div

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