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dickson1.jpg (39152 bytes) Richard (Dick) Souza, Mosquito locator exceptional. If you have become a Mosquito member recently, it was probably because of the efforts of Dick
br-1.jpg (33321 bytes) Bud Rick checks out a radio jeep at K-6 in January 1952.
brk-47-1.jpg (49157 bytes) K-47 AFB. Photo taken from Control Tower by Bud Rick
brk-6-1.jpg (35422 bytes) K-6 AFB, January 1952. Photo by Bud Rick
BSK-47UM1.jpg (245938 bytes) Winter photo of flight line at K-47. Chunchon and Unnecessary Mountain in the background. Photo by Bud Steinhauer
CHH_b_r-1.jpg (185884 bytes) A panoramic view of Heart Break Ridge. Photo by Chuck Hennessy.