Photo Page 4

RW13.jpg (120198 bytes) An aerial view of UN Mountain and Chunchon taken from an AT-6 by
pilot Russ Weaver. This photo was taken in 1952
chunchon3.jpg (69382 bytes) This is how UN Mountain and Chunchon look today.
ATT43788.jpg (71917 bytes) Radio operator Hollis Hall at the 25th Division Artillery
BD-1B.jpg (38223 bytes) A younger version of Dick Souza at K-47.
572.jpg (36124 bytes) Number 572 returned safely to K-47 after sustaining major damage
from ground fire. Photo by Russ Weaver.
Jeep-2.jpg (64995 bytes) Authentic Radio Jeep built by the Mosquito Association, and donated to the USAF Museum.