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Arden E. Svoboda 5th Jan 2013
missing mosquito
Hi, I'm sending this for my father, Arden Svoboda. He was a chef with the mosquito squadron during the Korean war.
He's not too computer savvy, preferring letters over email regarding correspondence. If you have a mailing list, or even a newsletter I could print out if nothing else I'm sure he would enjoy catching up with some of his comrades from his days in Korea.
If snail mail is a possibility, please contact me VIA my email address and I'll be happy to send you his home mailing address.
Arden "Jr"
Info sent on joining Assn.
At this time we have a few less than 400 members on the mailing list.

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Greg O'Keefe 28th Dec 2012
4 star General Timothy Francis O'keefe
Let the son of Don Morgan know that Col. O'keefe and Later Four Star General Timothy Francis O'keefe is my Grandfather.
O'Keefe was a Mosquito. We show deceased 1984.

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Michael Wood 14th Dec 2012
Joseph David Wood
My father Joseph David Wood that served with your group in Korea passed away December 10th. He last attended a reunion in 2000. This is a link to his obituary. ry.aspx?n=joe-wood&pid=161673256&fhid=7697
We show 1950-51, TACP

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Paul Preston 28th Nov 2012
My Father
While going through my fathers papers
I found his GCA cert for the 6147th
Tactical Control Group. His name was
Joseph J. Preston and his dates with 100 missions 3/10/51 to 6/29/52. I
would like to know if anyone remebers him ( deceased 11/10/ 93 ) and could give me any info.

Paul Preston ( son )

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Thomas Cosgrove withheld 16th Oct 2012
I am a Korean War Vet from TACP...

Interested if anyone still left who served also
Email address given by Thomas is deleted, as it was not valid. (Rejected by AOL)

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HARRY F. HAUSER 2nd Oct 2012
I was a mosquito pilot
was in squadron late 1950 and all 1951 shot down on 4 july 1951. volunterted by sqd commander to go to airborn unit in japan to parachute in with them as a foward air controller. won my jump wings but was relieved after a month to return and finish my missions. left in jan 1952

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John Ryder 2nd Oct 2012
6147th tac con gp
is it possible to get a list of the airmen who were stationed at Chunchon in the 1953-1955 time frame. I was stationed there during that period. I don't have the exact dates as I understand my records were destroyed in a fire. I was a crew member on the C45/47 that flew out of Chunchon. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
We do not have the ability to produce lists by date served. Also, the specialty codes are too broad to pull C47 crew.

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Richard Cadle 13th Sep 2012
will send pictures
i have found pictures of my father who flew t-6's in Korea.
Lt Cadle, John R Jr.
Retired as Lt Col. from Air Force in 1968
I found one where he is having a medal pinned on inside in front of the Mosquito display.
One with him in flight gear in front of a t-6.
And one in combat gear. in front of a hut.
more when I find them. when I find the letter where he gets an award for air strikes that had primary and secondary explosions, I will send a copy of that also.

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Richard Cadle 8th Sep 2012
Father flew with t-6 in Korea
I believe that John R Cadle Jr flew in the Mosquito sqd in Korea. I have letters from reunions and pictures of him next to a T-6 with winter gear on and a helmet.
Lt Col. Cadle, John R Jr. (retired) passed away on Aug 9th 2012.
He flew B-24s in WWII in the 93rd BG and then t-6's in Korea and then transports till he retired in 1968

I have not seen his name any where in the listings yet he has received numeous mailings and attended the reunions when it was in Seattle.

He said that he flew the T-6, then at a certain point they took his plane away, gave him a radio, and a jeep and sent him to the front lines with the army.

How to find out more info as your site is hard to navigate, and does not show people who flew the T-6 in Korea.
We do not publish lists of names, due to concerns of privacy.
Specific inquiries are replied to directly. Our data is not able to be searched for specific specialty, as it was created in the early days of personal computers and does not have the needed coding fields.

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Fred Kovach 20th Aug 2012
1 Lt Paul S Kovach
My father, 1 Lt Paul Kovach, served with the mosquitos as a pilot. He is deceased now, having died in 1993. I have several pictures scanned in that I would love to share with you.

I would appreciate it if you could share any information that you have on him, such as airfields where he served, squadrons, etc.

Also, the pilot in Bud Mcleod's picture looks like my father. Is there any way I could get in touch with him to find out if the pilot was my father?

If anyone reading this knew my father, please feel free to get in touch with me.


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