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Bob West 13th Aug 2012
Dick Souza
I have a web site dedicated to the Mosquitos. I always e-mailed Dick if I received any information that he could use. I lost his e-mail address. I would appreciate it if you can notify him for me. I have some photos of a cigarette lighter that was found and the finder would like to return it.

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Beverly Potter 24th Jun 2012
Capt Campbell McCloud Potter
My father, Campbell Potter, was an F-84 pilot but served as a Mosquito in Korea sometime in 1954 - 55. Later he died in crash of C-45, when he went down with USAF plane to avoid crashing into a trailer park in Millanauquet (sp?) Me. Dec 20, 1956.

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Steve Dixon 22nd Jun 2012
Capt. Charles F Dixon
My Grandfather was Capt. Charles F Dixon and he was a part of the Mosquito squadron during Korea. I have the Distinguished Flying Cross that he was awarded during his time there but not much info can be found online about him. Any idea where I can start my search?
Only info I show is p245 "Mosquitos in Korea". Is unclear, as photo says Observer Lt. Dixon, but Capt. C.F. was a Pilot.

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Jamie B Bentley 18th Jun 2012
Mosquito: Frank D. Boockholdt
Hi, my uncle Frank D. Boockholdt was from what my mom has told me was a mosquito in the Korean war I know he received a flyig cross that have seen when I was about 6-14 yrs old and I have found a crash report on him in 1950 at Craig Field in Alabama he never would talk to me about the war as he got older he died a couple yrs ago do you know any thing about him please tell how to go about getting more info about him Thanks Jamie
He was a pilot 2/52-10/52 49th Sq.

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NL Editor 7th Jun 2012
The news letter is currently with the printer and should be mailed by the end of the week.

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K Franciosi withheld 28th Apr 2012
Guestbook Entry
My grandfather Pete Franciosi was a radio jeep operator with the Mosquitos, but I don't know much else about his service with you guys. Does he appear in your records?
Yes, appears in Roll Call. Info is Deceased 1989; 6147M&S'52-53 A3C SC64130; appears never to have been located.

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John withheld 27th Apr 2012
when will we see the next newsletter.
The February newsletter is on the Mosquito Yahoo Group.
The next newsletter will be mailed to paid members late May

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Russell Watts 29th Mar 2012
I belong to the Mosquitos. I was in korea nov. 1950 to early 1952. I was in the 6150 TCsqwith the radio jeeps.

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Denton R. Haskins A/1c 5th Mar 2012
6147th M&S squadron 1951-1952
Interested in a list of all personell of 6147 M&S sqdn., during 1951-1952. How do I become a life member?
Life Membership ended many years ago. Annual membership is $25. Send check made out to Mosquito Association to:
The Mosquito Association, Inc.
c/o Centennial Bank
13700 E. Arapahoe Road
Centennial, CO 80112
We do not have the ability to pull names by unit assignment reliably.

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Gina Summers 20th Feb 2012
80th birthday party!
My father-in-law is James (Jim) Summers. He served in the Mosquito Squadrom in the early 50\'s and me along with his wife and other two daughter-in-laws and sons are giving him an 80th birthday party and would love to invite his squad mates to join him in celebration. He would be ecstatic I\'m sure to see anyone he spent time alongside him in Korea.If you can\'t make the birthday party then a written note or letter would be awesome as well. Please email me if you remember James (Jim) Summers and let me know if you\'re interested in making this occasion happen for him. Thank you!

Suburb of Houston TX

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