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Wilburn (Dub) Jolley 8th Jan 2012
Wilburn Cleveland \
I am seeking information on Wilburn Cleveland Jolley his nickname was Dub, who may have been assigned to the 6147th TCG or 6149th TCS in Korea circa 1954-55 which is a guess. His son told me he was not a pilot, but did taxi the aircraft, so that could put him as a ground crewman. I have a photographs of him and another serviceman standing and sitting on the wing of an LT-6G serial 49-3551 assigned to the 6147th TCG or 6149th TCS. I would like to be able to place him in country, assignment and time frame.
I was stationed on Hwaaksan Mountain near Camp Page in 1985-86 and we visited Camp Page when we came down off the mountain for some .R&R.yes that it R&RI always wondered what role Camp Page had during the Korean War.only took me 16 years to stumble on the answer. Please contact me at Korea, what a place, what a time. Thanks in Advance.
Kind Regards, Gary Lewis
Sorry to say, we never located him. Our record shows only:HQ6147TCG A1C SO#138 20 JUN'56 HMOR ?
Further info is that he had a medical discharge and died a year later in 1965.

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Joe West 26th Nov 2011
6147th pilot names
I SERVED IN THE 6147th from Jul, '52 to Apr,'53. Seeking the first name of a pilot in my tent who's last name was Cecil. In same tent was George Martin, who did heroic deeds in Vietnam in a helicopter.
Charles Cecil, we do not have current address for him or Martin.

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Michael Stalls 21st Nov 2011
Mosquito Photos
my grand father Colonel Keith Hatfield served with the mosquitos during the korean war. i have scanned a bunch of photos and other things that you may be interested in please let me know where i can send them.
Michael Stalls
I am having them sent to me, and will put them in either this site, or Yahoo Group

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Editor 17th Nov 2011
We just finished our newsletter for november. Let us know if you want a email copy.


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Robert S. Bean 7th Nov 2011
Join Mosquito Assoc.
Please add the following to your records:
Major Robert S. Bean, retired (then Capt.)Serial No. 0-681591
6147th T.C.G.
19th Combat FAC
Based K-6 Korea
1:20 hours in L-17 Navion
50:33 hours T-6D

91 years old living in Newark, DE
Robert S. Bean
Somerford House
501 S. Harmony Rd.
Newark, DE 19713.
Please use regular mail or Email above.
Would like to join the Mosquito Assoc. & meet other Mosquito Veterans.

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dino giles 26th Jul 2011
black troop
there were a few black troops in 1951-1953. trying to locate anyone. thanks

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dino giles 26th Jul 2011
searching for friends
My father was in k-47 in 1952-1953 and he is trying to find anyone who might of been there at this time. He wants to locate a friend or two for old time sakes. His name is Carl Giles. thanks
He was in 47th M&S 4/52-3/53. From our files.

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Walter H Hermann 1st Jul 2011
6147th service
I served with the 6147th at K6 and K47 from mdi 1951 to August 1952

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john wentz 29th Jun 2011
service with mosquito's in 1954
I trained @ Chunchon AFB in february 1954. I was in the Army signal corp, and was tdy to AF. I served @ witchhazel control from feb 1954 until August 1954 when it was disbanded.
This is the first former Mosquito in a long time who we had no previous record of!

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Terrie Shadduck Myers 4th Jun 2011
Melvin James Shadduck
Would like to talk to your locator about Melvin Shadduck, Mosquito Pilot and POW. Escaped Memorial Day weekend in 1950 Also talked to Sid Johnston. Would love to have a MOH for Melvin and the Mosquitos by the August Reunion. As Melvin lived in Minnesota many years it would be nice to finally get this done. Ive worked on it almost 30 years!!

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