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David Shinn 23rd Apr 2011
Fallen Mosquito - Homer Shinn
Good evening. I just want to let everyone know that my father, Homer Shinn, passed away yesterday, April 21, 2011 - Holy Thursday. I know you all and the Association meant a lot to him. Please accept my thanks to you all not only for your service to this great country but for your friendship to my father.

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Brad 25th Mar 2011
Guestbook outage
We had a technical problem which prevented postings for an unknown time.
It is fixed. Any new problems, please notify at above e mail address.

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Lt Reid 14th Sep 2009
Pilot rescue Heartbreak Ridge
A good friend of mine helped rescue what he believes was an AT-6 Pilot in no-man\'s land near Heartbreak Ridge in the summer of 1952...the pilot had broken his leg and was still in the chute harness-he hit one of the infantrymen in the mouth with his .45 pistol thinking it was a North Korean during the confusion of the rescue. My friend would love to talk to this pilot if he could be found. Thanks!

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Charlene Mannix Bunts 8th Sep 2009
F. Paul Mannix
I was searching for information re my dad, Francis Paul Mannix, when I found your page. Dad was a pilot in the Korean War, and wondered if this is the same unit?
We Show:
6147TCS-6147M&S'51 PFC
So, one of the earlier Mosquitos
deceased 1985

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Eileen Whitaker 10th Aug 2009
Father's Death
I would like to inform you that my father, Charles B Breakiron of Belle Vernon PA who was a member of your organization passed away on Friday, August 7, 2009. If you have any further questions please contact me at the email address on your member.

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Wendy Baylor Sanders 7th Aug 2009
Lost Mosquitos: Charles E. Baylor
On the 21st day of July, 2009 my father, Charles Baylor, passed away. While going through his personal files I came across his DD-214 and information regarding your association. Apparently he was assigned to the 6148th Tac Con Sq. He has several picture and slides that I am unable to identify. As I continue to sort through these items I would like to be able to share copies of these items with your association. If you are interested, please email me.

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ron withheld 12th Jul 2009
tacp & mosquitos in korea july 50
God bless the TACP & Mosquitos w/ the 24th Infantry Div in July 1950. Did Lt. Hillery make it out of Taejon?
Yes, he did. Our records show retired Maj 1963,
he died 24 May 1994, Atlanta.
We indicate he was the first FAC of Korean War.

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Peter Morgan 17th Jun 2009
Lt Donald Morgan
My father was Don Morgan. I have a newspaper article with a photo of him recieving a Silver Star From Col Timothy O'Keefe CDR 6147th Tactical Control Group. It is dated Aug 24 1951.
I would love to contact anyone who knew him

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Cody Tripp 23rd May 2009
My grandfather was Lt. James Bryant
My Grandfather James Bryant flew one of the first mosquito missions. I was researching trying to find more info on his storied career as a USAF aviator and came across your site.

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mark hagood 28th Apr 2009
linn hagood
anyone out there remember a pilot named linn hagood? hes my father and was with the mosquitos. at least i have a few uniform patches that say so. i never knew him as he died flying a kc 97 in feb 61 shortly before i was born. also , if anyine has any info on any t-6s still flying today, id love to hear where its at so i can get my butt in a seat.

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